Decades older than the moka and both coffee pot, the cuccuma (additionally known as the cuccumela or the Neapolitan flip coffee pot) is a typical Italian coffee developing method.

Although not as widely known as the moka pot, the cuccuma has in fact been a part of Italian coffee culture for much, much longer. It has time out of mind been a staple for numerous Italian home coffee brewers, and also can be found in many houses to this day.

Keep reading for more information about the background of the Neapolitan flip coffee pot, its cultural importance across Italy, and also how you can use it to brew coffee.

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.?.!! A brief background of the cuccuma The cuccuma is a reinvention of the stovetop pot created during

the 1800s in France by Jean Baptiste de Belloy, the archbishop of Paris at the time. William H. Ukers is thewriter of All concerning Coffee, a book that details historic, technical, as well as business growths in the coffee sector. He claims: “It was first constructed from tin; yet later, of porcelain as well as silver– the original French drip pot, [that is] This gadget was never ever patented.”

De Belloy’s tool is believed to be the initial house brewing pot ever created, which caused other early developing equipment makers using it as the basis of their designs. Prior to this, pots were utilized to serve coffee, rather than make it.

Currently, coffee was usually made in a similar way to Turkish coffee brewed in a cezve– indicating extremely fine grounds would be made as well as eaten without a filter.

During the 1800s, Naples was a major profession centre in Europe as well as the East. Currently, coffee was currently a component of high-society gatherings. Residents would frequently sing concerning coffee, applauding it as the drink of “relationship and also well desires”.

The Neapolitans’ love for coffee caused the development of the cuccuma, which soon became a function of houses all throughout the city. Nonetheless, right now, coffee was greatly only offered to the upper classes.

Over time, as it became much more available among other social courses in Italy, use the cuccuma boosted. Today, several still concern it as a functional, affordable, and also reputable method of developing coffee.

In Naples and also throughout the area of Campana– where the word “cuccuma” stems from– the pot is not just a coffee brewing technique, yet also as an icon of Naples’ distinct and also special coffee society. A few of the other names utilized to describe the cuccuma are “Napoletana” (Neapolitan), “caffettiera napoletana”, (Neapolitan coffee machine), and also just “la macchinetta” (the device).

Design & capability Simone Amenini is the Head and Managing Barista at Ditta Artigianale, a chain of specialty coffee quits based in Florence, Italy. “Until the development of the Moka pot (patented by Alfonso Bialetti in 1933), the cuccuma was the favored coffee brewing method for preparing coffee in your home. This resulted from [it] being very easy to use, as well as above all, not expensive,” Simone describes.

The Neapolitan flip coffee pot functions in different ways to its precursor French drip pot, thanks to its one-of-a-kind layout. It also commonly features a horn-shaped spout. This is frequently damaged– inadvertently or purposefully– which is taken into consideration to be an indicator of all the best.

The timeless Neapolitan cuccuma was initially made from copper, but the product of option switched to aluminium in the late 19th century. “It [was] constructed from light weight aluminum, due to its [reduced price] and also simplicity of manufacture. Only in recent times we [currently] have steel cuccumas, and copper has ended up being prominent once more,” Simone includes.

The pot itself consists of numerous parts: initially, the boiler (caldaietta), which comes with a wood manage attached and also makes up the lower section of the pot. After that, there is a cylindrical cylinder which contains a perforated microfilter and slots into the lower area. There is the upper section with the spout, and also the cover.

Brewing overview & measurements In Neapolitan coffee bar, baristas usually collaborate with roasters to craft blends which will accommodate local preferences as well as preferences. These blends are typically made with robusta blends to give the coffee a thicker, larger mouthfeel. They additionally add a pronounced layer of crema and an extra intense flavour.

The cuccuma usually utilizes dark roasts. According to Simone, “this gives the brew notes of toasted, dark delicious chocolate and also an instead bitter aftertaste”.

The quantity of coffee to utilize with a cuccuma will certainly vary relying on personal preference. However, Simone recommends utilizing a ratio of 18g coffee to 200ml water. Make use of a tool to medium-fine grind, but note that the finer you grind, the more bitter and extreme the mixture will be.

Simone thinks that a medium grind is excellent for brewing, and also keeps in mind that the cuccuma can likewise be utilized with lighter roasts. “This means, the result in the mug will be extremely similar to the [account] acquired from a siphon, as an example,” he claims.

Although the precise instructions are similar to those for

  1. a moka pot, there are some crucial differences for developing with a cuccuma. Adhere to the actions listed below: Fill the boiler(lower section)
  2. to three-quarters ability with filtered water. Go down the filter into the central heating boiler and then add your ground coffee right into the filter.Close the screw cap,
  3. and also affix the top section with the spout, seeing to it the spout is sharp downwards.Place on the stove on a low-medium warm to avoid shedding the coffee.Turn off the warm when the cuccuma
  4. starts to steam.At this point, turn the pot upside down and let the water percolate through the filter. This should take about 2 to 3 mins, but for bigger quantities or larger pots, it will naturally be much longer. What’s the distinction in between the cuccuma and also the moka pot? Some could think the cuccuma and also the moka pot appearance comparable initially glimpse. Nonetheless, Simone claims that the

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